Stacked 005 - Making Breakfast Badass Again with Adam Von Rothfelder


Adam Von Rothfelder is the founder of Strong Coffee Company. He’s an industrious innovator who isn’t afraid to challenge norms and go against the flow. With passion and fearlessness, Adam channels his love of design into quality, industry-disrupting products that speak for themselves.

Bodybuilding is the best form of working out for 90% of the population."

On today’s episode, Adam talks about his fitness evolution and how that led to the creation of Strong Coffee. We get into what effective exercise looks like, and Adam breaks down the secrets to formulating the perfect recipe (spoiler alert: it’s a lot of trial and error). He explains the guiding philosophy behind his ingredient selection and encourages listeners to be curious—because asking the right questions is what leads to great new things.

“That’s what I hope: to have a legacy that truly makes change.”

In this Episode

  • Strong Coffee is just awesome, end of story. [4:10]

  • Quick tangent about NeuFit, the muscle stim revolution [9:40]

  • The worst house on the best street, and the good old days [14:10]

  • When cold therapy isn’t actually therapeutic (and why science is important) [19:10]

  • Adam’s sports history [24:10]

  • Not all sugars are created equal, and health and fitness are not the same [35:10]

  • What’s your protein intake? [42:10]

  • You could copy Strong Coffee’s recipe, because it’s literally printed on the back [53:10]

  • Don’t skip breakfast. Redefine it. [58:10]

  • Neurofactor and Alzheimer’s [1:02:10]

  • How to make a great product: test the sh*t out of it [1:06:00]

  • Let’s just all be amazing [1:19:15]

  • The synergy of caffeine and collagen for joint development [1:21:30]

  • The “how to steal your girlfriend” starter kit, and why people shell out for $7 coffee [1:29:10]

  • When everyone looks left, look right (that’s how you create a product people need) [1:34:10]

  • Being a gym owner might not be a good fit for you [1:35:10]

  • Why turn your energy down when you could bring everyone else up to your level? [1:43:10]

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