Stacked 004 - Disrupting the Status Quo with Rachele Brooke Smith


Rachele is an actress and entrepreneur. Her years of competitive gymnastics taught her how to persevere through tough challenges, but quitting that very sport is what gave her the ability to forge her own path. As you’ll hear, Rachele is a firm believer in the power of our thoughts and the impact of our self-talk, and seeks to create true community through social media sharing these powerful messages.

“Our concept of goal-setting is really flawed. We need to take a broader perspective.”

I had the opportunity pick Rachele’s brain about her life trajectory, her approach to health and fitness, and her perspective on the hardships she’s been through. She tells us about the movie that changed her life, explains how having a brain surgeon for a dad shaped her understanding of wellness, and discusses the life lessons she’s learned from bad relationships and unsuccessful auditions. We’re all creators with the ability to choose faith or fear, and this unstoppable woman is disrupting social media with her passion and her commitment to writing her story with honesty and compassion.

“Compassion is a superpower.”

In this Episode

  • It started with gymnastics, a lost identity, and a wrist full of pins [1:30]

  • The power of manifestation [11:00]

  • Developing a resilience mindset [17:00]

  • What story would you change about your life? [26:00]

  • The spinning wheel of death [33:00]

  • How to choose the advice you listen to [38:00]

  • Why is there no class on relationships? [41:20]

  • Pain reveals passion [45:30]

  • How do you define health? [56:30]

  • Climbing the ladder from hope to knowing [1:03:30]

  • Strengthen the self-love muscle [1:07:00]

  • The origin of Disruptive [1:16:15]

  • Healthy tacos, grateful friends, and epileptic characters [1:27:30]

  • How does she do it all anyway? [1:31:15]

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