Stacked 002 - Life after Fyre Festival with Marc Weinstein


What doesn’t Mark Weinstein do? As an investor, advisor, entrepreneur, certified yoga instructor, as well as a podcast host and editor for Wave Financial, this guy knows a thing or two about being busy. With everything that Marc does, it’s unsurprising that he is interested in the concept of humane technology and taking back agency from our devices.

It gets pretty meta from the get-go—we dive into the history of podcasts and take a look at how far they’ve come. Marc talks about social media, how much all those stats really matter, and how we can push back against the epidemic of distraction. We dissect some strategies for disaster management and trade techniques we’ve used for motivation.

In This Episode

  • The joys of podcasting [7:15]

  • The trajectory of podcasts [10:30]

  • We create content, but how much do we consume? [20:00]

  • Tech and behavioral psychology [25:00]

  • Airport stories [28:30]

  • Anxiety and social media [35:00]

  • How to prepare for the advent of full tech integration [38:15]

  • We are all participating in a massive experiment (a la Cloud Atlas) [45:15]

  • Let's talk about food, convenience, and consequences [48:00]

  • Why is it an interesting story? The Fyre Festival fiasco [51:15]

  • How in tune are you with your body? [1:09:45 ]

  • The golden rule of exercise [1:15:10]

  • There is no advice that fits all [1:20:00]

  • Always travel with a Navy Seal [1:30:00]

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