Stacked 003 - From Burger King to PGA Tour Physician with Dr Ara

In this episode, Dr Ara and I talk about how he got into functional sports medicine and the incredible lessons he’s learned about success and perseverance. Dr. Ara Suppiah grew up in Malaysia, where natural remedies played an important role in the culture’s medical paradigm. As a doctor, he uses his early experiences with natural medicine to inform his functional sports medicine practice. His research on chronic inflammation has helped to develop a more complete understanding of the top athletes he works with and why they feel fatigued even with good recovery habits in place.

In this Episode

  • Good people are hard to find [4:00]

  • Lessons from children [10:00]

  • The sticking point moment [15:00]

  • There's something to homeopathic remedies [19:00]

  • Chronic inflammation is the root of many evils ("skin fatigue") [23:00]

  • The link between nutrition and illness [27:30]

  • Ways to implement fasting (and why you might want to consider it) [31:00]

  • The journey from Malaysia to the US (and NBC Sports) [35:45]

  • How do I live in Florida? Delayed gratification [46:00]

  • Benefits of breathwork [50:00]

  • Life events that alter microbiomes [54:00]

  • Weird coincidences [1:00:00]

  • We carry trauma in our bodies [1:03:30]

  • The best athletes are really good at the basics [1:14:30]

  • The presence of sickness doesn't indicate the absence of health—and vice versa [1:17:00]

  • Don't do keto, kids [1:20:30]

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