Stacked 001 - How to Get Out of Pain with Doc Jen

Jen Esquer is a top-40 physical therapy influencer. With a doctorate in physical therapy, she is ranked as one of the Best Fitness Trainers on Instagram by Shape Magazine and has been featured in Self MagazineMen’s FitnessMuscle & Fitness as well as a guest on CBS.

“No one fixes you, you fix you.”

In this episode, Doc Jen and I speak about a wide variety of movement-related tips and tricks—truly everything from pistol squats to neurolymphatic points in the body. As a self-proclaimed mover, Jen brings incredible insight into our physical processes. She also shares an interesting, perhaps controversial perspective of the safe versus optimal training zones we should find ourselves in.

“If something is having to work really hard in the front, what is happening in the back?”

In This Episode

  • Gaining awareness of your own body [3:05]

  • What if I have short femurs? [3:40]

  • Are you willing to put in the work? [5:50]

  • Safe versus optimal [14:13]

  • The Jefferson Roll [17:06]

  • Creating variability [22:12]

  • Teaching the body to have ease [25:32]

  • Getting out of anterior pelvic tilt [34:21]

  • Starting to play with variability [35:42]

  • Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT [39:44]

  • Manipulating fascia [42:00]

  • Environmental factors impact on pain [46:16]

  • Pain is not bad [49:55]

  • The impact of our thoughts [54:05]

  • Don’t forget about the battery [58:30]

  • There’s not one exercise [1:10:27]

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