Public Speaking

Empower. Educate. Entertain.

Joe has presented over 100 talks in 17 different countries to an array of audience sizes, ranging from small corporate groups to filled amphitheaters. Joe draws from his own experiences of being the underdog, learning to embrace risks, and ultimately adopting a stop-at-nothing attitude when it comes to his health and happiness.

By age 12, Joe was delivering newspapers to half of his town, and by age 18, he had bought and sold 14 cars. Joe’s self-reliance and commitment to results followed him into adulthood, where he now educates on the power of seeing obstacles as opportunities. In a world so fixated on things outside of ourselves, Joe shares his secrets to the contagious confidence that ensures his success in whatever he sets out to achieve.

It was when Joe suffered a traumatic brain injury that he found himself challenged like never before. In a painful and lengthy process, Joe learned first-hand the meaning of commitment, the power of intention, and some essential keys to truly optimizing human wellness. Joe’s captivating energy and light-hearted attitude captures audiences and empowers them to ask difficult questions. Audiences will get in touch with their why, and walk away with a permission slip and a dedication to act in alignment with their objectives.

One of the best, if not THE BEST at what he does.
— Audience Member, Singapore 2018