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With over 15 years in the fitness industry, Joe’s unique approach to optimizing health and performance is inseparable from wellness and longevity. Many of Joe’s clients felt like they had tried everything, yet still struggled with aches and pains, finding sustainability within health and fitness, and feeling that they could be living more optimally. In an industry consumed by the ‘sweaty and sore’ scale, Joe uses the ‘health and happiness’ scale as a measure of success with his clients.


 “Joe’s knowledge and experience in movement, training, and fitness makes him an invaluable resource and an excellent coach. He connects with his clients and gives them the tools to make life changes for the better. He’s helped me navigate many issues and deficiencies as an athlete, and I trust his guidance 100%.”

Amelia Boone, 4X Endurance World Champion

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The Jumpstart

An empowering coaching session that adds confidence and direction to your wellness journey.

The Jumpstart includes:

A one-on-one coaching session between you and Joe via phone or video call.

An in-depth analysis of your current situation and objectives, based on a comprehensive data collection process.

A written review and compilation of key concepts, in addition to “do's and don’ts” vital to your sustainable health & wellness.

Personalized frameworks designed to guide your nutrition, exercise and supplement regimens.

A list of recommended resources, books, or content Joe feels may be valuable to your unique journey.

The Jumpstart is perfect for you if:

You’re always waiting for the next new thing.

You feel like you are doing everything “right” - but are not seeing results.

You are amidst a major life-change and feel your health slipping.

You always get as fit as you can between nagging injuries.

You recently started keto, intermittent fasting, or breathwork training.



The Reboot

A personalized 12-week experience that removes all of the guesswork from complete wellness optimization.

September 15 - December 1

January 6 - March 29

The Reboot includes:

Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions between you and Joe via phone or video call.

An in-depth and personal analysis of your history, current situation and objectives.

Personalized weekly prescriptions for breathwork, mindfulness, aerobic exercise, strength training and supplementation.

A weekly audit that quantifies your recovery status and sleep quality in order to constantly fine-tune your unique approach.

Weekly lessons and monthly teleconferences with concepts, research and action items to further support you on your wellness journey.

Interventions derived from detailed audits of your daily routines, designed to suit your goals, schedule, and responsibilities.

Unlimited email support and out-of-pocket coaching, enabling you to text your questions for real-time answers.

The Reboot is perfect for you if:

You feel like you have tried “everything” and nothing seems to work.

You rollercoaster or have set the same goal more than twice.

You don’t have the support system you need to be successful.


Space in the next 12-Week Reboot is limited to 10 individuals looking to reap long-lasting results. Currently accepting applications for session of September 15 through December 1. Applications sent after September 10 will be deferred for consideration in the next session.




Fully Charged Coaching

An ongoing coaching relationship that adds structure and sustainability to your long-term health, available to clients who have completed the 12-Week Reboot.

Fully Charged Coaching includes:

All benefits included in The Reboot.

Tailor-made strategies for maximizing health including intermittent fasting, multi-day fasts, and more.

Access to exclusive recipes based on your unique dietary program and preferences.