Joe's Top 50 Recommended Supplements and Biohacks 2019

It's hard to believe this is the fourth year of this blog and as always, very important to note that each year it evolves with the times. Products and brands come and go from this list, while others have remained constant since I started it.

This year I changed the category titles. The first is now “Essentials” to help people pin-point where to begin their journey. The “Essentials” is the list that I believe everybody needs or could benefit from starting today to achieve greater health. The next category is “Nice-To-Have’s” which are things I use often or daily to improve already strong levels of health and mental performance, and the list continues from there.

To make this lis the foods and supplements have to be either things I consume personally, or that I recommend to my friends, family and clients frequently.

DISCLAIMER 1: Before YOU start consuming anything new or from this list, do your own due diligence, know your body, and check with your doctor.

DISCLAIMER 2: I’d also like to ensure you are aware that I may receive a small commission in association with purchases of these products. These commissions help fund some of the time I invest into the content I provide freely to support my audience’s wellness journey.

DISCLAIMER 3: If you are nursing, pregnant or may become so, please be extra careful about what you're putting into your body. This list is simply what I do and is by no means a recommendation for everybody. In fact, many of the items listed below are contraindicated for pregnancy.


US Wellness Meats: A nutrient-rich diet is the first step in a wellness journey. USWM offers higher quality grass-fed & finished beef than most can find near home, delivered to your door, at fair prices. My personal favorite are these insane 1.5lb French rib eyes. Use code “RUNGA” to save 15% on your order.

Dry Farm Wines: If you're going to drink - drink this. Way beyond just organic and 3rd party tested for purity, DFW’s are sugar-free, low sulfite, low alcohol (< 12.5%) and mycotoxin/mold-free.

"The One" by Quicksilver Scientific : Performance, longevity, and day-to-day wellness all depend on our mitochondrial health. The One is a freakishly powerful supplement formula that gives you all the mitochondrial support you could ever need.

Cold-Pressed Organic Olive Oil: I’ve said it for years, olive oil is the healthiest food on the planet! I believe it should be core to a healthy diet and have even been known to take shots of olive oil when I find a quality source. It’s first on the list because it’s heart-healthy, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial plus offers a potent antioxidant profile, just please always buy organic, cold-pressed as not all Olive Oils are the same.

Cold-Pressed Organic Coconut Oil: Artisana has many of the highest quality, raw / cold-processed oils and nut butters. These days I use a lot more "whole" oils than highly refined ones, i.e. "Brain Octane" oil or MCTs. I also buy both coconut oil and coconut butter in these epic 8lb. containers

Vitamineral Greens Powder: One of the few organic greens powders out there. You will feel a noticeable difference when you start the day with this, especially if you add 1 tbs of olive oil to enhance absorption of the fat soluble vitamins in it. I just brought this up from the category below into ESSENTIALS because it’s so darn good for you.

Thorne Research D3 / K2: Vitamin D is one of the most critical nutrients on the planet, and to be properly absorbed it needs many other nutrients including K2 and a few others found below. (Note: this link brings you to my Thorne Dispensary, which contains all the Thorne products I recommend throughout this article.)

Enviromedica Terraflora Probiotics: This might be the best probiotic on the market.

Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil: This is without question the highest quality fish oil on the market.

Grass-Fed Ghee: Vitamin A (in the form of retinol) and healthy fats, a travel-friendly high-fat-butter-coffee hack.

B-Complex or this Methyl-B Complex: for stress, damage control and energy. 

Magnesium Bigylcinate: Magnesium is one of the most essential minerals for health, and our needs for it are only growing with the times. An estimated 80% of Americans are deficient and even informed adults avoid high doses due to the laxative effect it can have. I have had no reports of any GI-distress with this product, even in high doses. I also consume this one before bed or when I need to relaxxxxx.

Ancient Nutrition Multi-Collagen: Collagen is super good for you, your gut, your mind, and this powder is convenient to have in your cabinet and mixes well into your fatty coffee!

Vitamin C: I switched to Quicksilver Scientific this year and have not looked back. I take 1000mg of Vitamin C 1-2 times daily, especially on days when I’ll be out in the sun more than usual. As a backup or if you’re looking for a more cost effective solution, this would be the Vitamin C I recommend.

Meriva / Curcumin: Your body's inflammation extinguisher - this stuff is anti-everything bad, plus can give you a noticeable cognitive boost. I take 1,000mg per day and occasionally empty 3-4 of the pills into an ounce of water and take it as a shot. Meriva is absorbed 29X more effectively than normal curcumin extracts.

BioCBD: Another incredible product for reducing inflammation and deepening sleep. BioCBD is the most pure CBD I’ve found and is THC-free. You can even download the purity tests from their website.

Dead Ball / Slam Ball: The most affordable ho'me-gym on the market. Men, grab yourself a 35-50lb ball. and ladies, go with a 20-30lb. Note: The TRX brand slam balls are $5-$10 more than a budget slam ball, but that’s a small price to pay for the added grip-tread that TRX offers! (I own both.)

RUNGA Mobility Balls: The most efficient mobility tool on the planet that can make your entire body mobile in 5-minutes per day. I personally designed these mobility balls across the last decade of traveling the world with elite endurance athletes.


Thorne Elite Multivitamin: I have not recommended multivitamins in years because they're often low quality and ineffective, or I've noticed even "good ones" often exacerbate nutritional imbalances people already have (lots of what we don't need and little of what we do!) However, this twice-a-day Multi is exceptional, it has everything in the right  ratios most people need, and and contains a lot of nutrients I'd push people to buy as stand-alone products included inside. If you are looking for an "insurance policy" this may be it, even if you don’t take it every day. I’ve also worked with quite a few pregnant women this year where I recommended the “Prenatal” version!

PQQ/Ubiquinol: PQQ + Ubiquinol is like the Secret Service for your mitochondria, this is a more budget-friendly, very popular alternative to “The One” above.

Astaxanthin: Anti-aging meets performance in one capsule. This stuff is amazing for your skin and eyes, too, in fact some people use it as edible sunblock!

Goat Milk Colostrum Powder: I took some years off of this, but it’s great to be back. Colostrum is incredible for the gut and the immune system, and with frequent liquid caloric fasts, for me and my coaching clients, has been a really positive add-on.

StrongCoffee: This stuff is the only “pre-workout” I use and is my go-to when I am on the go, traveling, or know I need to knock out 5-6 hours of serious work. This unique, proprietary combination of nootropic ingredients is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Zinc: I take up to three 30mg tablets right before bed along with 1-2 doses of magnesium as I find myself waking up much more rested, recovered, and ready to take on the day with this combo!

Lion’s Mane: I take this every day to support BDNF production and focus.

Oregano Oil: The first thing I pack in my carry-on while traveling and the critical "first defense" to any germs you'll come in contact with on the plane. I switched to capsules after accidentally spilling an entire jar of the liquid in my carry on!

Iodine: Another nutrient most people need. I take this in somewhat random chunks throughout the year as maintenance, given I am not deficient, but recommend it to anybody with high stress/adrenal/thyroid issues. (Tyrosine is a really nice compliment to iodine for that purpose.) 

Digestive Enzymes : Many folks could use some help with digestion, this is one of the best products to do it.

Berberine: is as powerful as Metformin at regulating blood sugar levels and promoting longevity.

Kion Lean: One of my favorite new longevity products developed by my good friend, Ben Greenfield. I take this with all high-carb meals (holidays/date nights/parties) to improve my blood sugar and insulin responses to the sudden rush of carbohydrate.


Blue-Blocking Sunglasses & Eye Masks: I have all my coaching clients toss a pair of these on around 6pm in the evening, otherwise lights and screens will suppress your melatonin and therefor the body’s ability to achieve the requisite amount of restorative, deep sleep. I also wear the eye mask which is a game-changer for most that may not have their bedroom truly “blacked-out”.

Essential Oils Diffuser: This little thing is pretty handy. Allows you to pump your room full of relaxing aromas like chamomile and lavender.

Reishi Mushroom: I don’t remember the last time I went a day without FourSigmatic Reishi. If you’re new to ‘shrooms, start with 7-days of Reishi before bed. You’ll quickly discover why they call it the “immortality mushroom”.

BioCBD: BioCBD is the most pure CBD I’ve found and is THC-free. I take up to 5 capsules if I’m really looking to hunker down.

Ashwagandha Root: If your problem is staying asleep - here's your fix. Sun Potion makes some of the most high-quality adaptogens out there - we also include their Astragalus in our RUNGA supplement bar ;)

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil: I recommend this form of magnesium for people that cannot tolerate oral supplements or that need to relax before bed. Shower 30-mins after application to avoid ruining your sheets. 


Restore: Currently, 80% of the population suffers from gas, bloating, indigestion, and heartburn, all stemming from poor gut health. Restore helps rebuild what environmental toxins, pollutants, and pesticides have taken away!

Chlorella Tabs: Greens supplement I've used for years, mostly for detox, that also travels well.

Activated Charcoal: I always take 1-2 capsules after a flight and/or alongside less than optimal food choices or foods from unknown sources. I also take 1 capsule per serving of alcohol on the rare occasion I drink a beer or a conventional wine.

Daily-ish Detoxifier: Calcium D-Glucarate is a somewhat gentle detoxifier you can take regularly without any of the negative health consequences you may get from over-consuming more intense detoxifies like Activated Charcoal.

Extra Strength Toxin Binder: I started using this in 2018 in 4-5 day period for serious detox. Please do your research on detoxifiers before messing around. However, I personally take this product to help optimize detox pathways and pull toxins from tissues about 30 minutes prior to taking the binder.


Ethos Work: Holy smokes! If you struggle with brain fog, anxiety, or lack of focus give this stuff a shot for a week and see how you feel.

Amino Acids: Kion provides best essential amino acids supplement I've found, and an absolute must for all my vegan athletes. I prefer the Cool Lime flavor or the tablets.

Creatine: I take a few grams on most days which has demonstrated health benefits apart from the gym.

Arginine: Great for blood flow, sexual, and cardiovascular health. The sustained-release of Perfusia-SR is great, I just take it in the morning with other supplements 4-6 weeks on, 2-4 weeks off. 

Raw Food World Maca: Ive taken Maca for a long time off- and on- for energy, vigor, and vitality. During times of heavy training I mixed this with my BeetElite.


Essentia Mattress: Just about everybody cuts corners on what they sleep on - but your health depends more on your sleep than anything else. This brand makes it ridiculously easy to own an incredible mattress with 0% Financing, a 120-Night Risk-Free Trial, and Free Shipping.

Sunlighten Infrared Sauna: We use a Sunlighten mPulse 3 in 1 Sauna at RUNGA events and I have a Solo System at home. The Solo is the best solution I’ve found for people in apartments, smaller homes, or who just want to reduce their investment without bombarding their body with EMF.

Schwinn AirDyne Pro: My all-time favorite air bike -We bring four to all our RUNGA events.

Kettlebell Kings: Affordable and reliable bells for any occasion. Generally I recommend my coaching clients begin with two light bells and one heavy bells. Men, start with two 12kg’s and a 20kg or a 24kg. Ladies, start with two 8kg’s and either a 16kg or a 20kg. 

Joovv: Red light therapy is an investment but the Joovv is like buying a Ferrari for the price of a Hyundai. I went through the trouble to bring four to Panama for RUNGA if that says anything, and I have two in my home, and one in my mother’s house.

Biomarker Testing: EverlyWell has done an amazing job at making quick, at-home blood tests a breeze! Order only the tests you need and pay less than it would cost you at your doctor. I push all my coaching clients, at a minimum, to order their “Vitamin D + Inflammation” test as well as Hemoglobin A1C which all-in costs you about $130 with code “2019”. Crazy!

FlexPulse: The PEMF device I use at home. Read more about the incredible benefits of PEMF here!

Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitor: Keto Mojo saves you a lot in the long run given the strips are far less expensive than alternative units.

Polar H7 Heart Rate Strap: Connects to the NatureBeat App to reliably measure your Heart Rate Variability, including the balance of your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Breville Infuser Espresso Machine: Almost instantly became one of my favorite possessions. If you love your crema - this machine is for you. The infuser is the perfect balance between quality and ease of maintenance. I also intentionally opted for the Infuser over the Barista model, which is $100 more, because I still hand grind my beans with this

Hand Coffee Grinder as part of my morning ritual. If I am feeling lazy, I’ve also got this one now which I researched extensively before buying. This is the best affordable grinder if you’re making espresso.

Vitamix Blender (refurbished): You simply cannot beat $199-$249 for a Vitamix. I’ve used a Blendtec for years but when I needed three blenders for our RUNGA events this year, it was time to make the switch.


Alitura Naturals: Beauty products are one of the largest sources of chemical exposure in most people’s homes. Alitura’s ingredients are so natural you could eat them if you wanted to.

Raw Elements Sunblock: I get more questions on sunblock than almost anything else. I’ve used Raw Elements for many years anytime I’ll be in direct sun for more than my recommended 20-30 minutes per day.

Amber Light Bulbs: Because it’s a healthy idea at night to avoid blue-light!

Luna Sandals: I LOVE my Lunas! I wear the "OSO FLACO" model almost every day for training, hiking, or to the office. Use code "RUNGA2017" for a discount.


The Antidote (by Oliver Burkeman): Get your mind in the right place. A super insightful and entertaining mix of Buddhism, Stoicism, and rigorous rational thinking. 

Lights Out (by T.S. Whiley): An investigatory look into the effect of light and sugar on human health. Enjoyable read that's nearly 20 years old now, which is apparent in some spots! 

The Key Muscles of Yoga (Ray Long): Stellar book with fabulous illustrations of many of areas I am most interested in, i.e. psoas and diaphragm. 

Anatomy of Breathing (Blandine Calais-Germain) A masterful work with nothing to sell. Highly recommended read.

Anatomy for Runners (Jay Dicharry): A highly-quality action-oriented book on anatomical liabilities of running and what to do about them. 

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